Manufacturing support

What can We offer?

providing visual inspections or measuring by use of specified devices, verifying if the end product meets all necessary norms
detailed picking ensures detection of substandard item on early stage, before it could be used in manufacturing or delivered to the customer. Picking criteria are set up by the customer freely and on demand. Proper handling significantly improves quality of provided services and reduces the number of complaints
packaging and reassembling of goods for the purpose of further deliveries or direct sale can be handled both manually, as well as by automated machinery
picking, housekeeping, stating destinations and quantities, standarization.All these activities settle a well organized and orderly workplace

Manufacturing support consists of multiple activities for the purposes of advancing speed, simplicity and the quality and range of provided services. With regard to that, our offer includes, eg.

  • production, distribution, cleaning and renovation of packaging and containers
  • certified wooden and plastic pallets, both brand new and restored
  • security barriers
  • supportive elements for manufacturing processes and storing: racks, shelves, stands, stalls, tables, pads, funnels, docks, rubber buffers, warning systems , oriented strand boards (OSB)
  • warehouse tags and labels, renovation of tags
  • transport lines marking (removal of old and coating with new layer)
  • fire doors
  • refurbishment of transport trolleys

In order to meet specific requirements of our customers, we provide creative and outstanding solutions, improving daily work in the warehouse. Keeping transport routes open, maintenance of traffic and machinery, management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of destination in the warehouse and implementing layouts provide great variety of options for enhancing ergonomics at the workplace. Metalworking, painting and welding of different kinds, along with renovating and cleaning of various containers and its elements, are also within the scope of our services.